Engineered for the demands of modern work, our innovative workspace redefines traditional environments, whether at home or in the office.

With a  focus on style, comfort, and smart technologies, our solution provides the ideal setting for productivity.

Key Features

Optimised Productivity The workspace in our 1Smart-Pod is meticulously designed to enhance focus and efficiency, empowering users to excel in their work.

Enhanced Privacy Enjoy uninterrupted concentration with an environment that is adequately soundproofed, lockable pods that ensure a distraction-free environment for all users.

Smart Technologies Seamlessly integrated tech solutions enable connectivity and productivity, whether it's connecting your notebook via a USB-C cable to our 1Smart-Hub for power, network access, webcam, and keyboard/mouse functionality, or utilising the Smart Life App for automated lighting and ventilation control.

Versatility and Flexibility Our workspace is designed to adapt to the evolving needs of users. Whether it's dedicated single-user use or dynamic hot-desking for webinars, training sessions, and virtual meetings, our solution seamlessly accommodates various work scenarios.

Compact and Mobile DesignThe 1Smart-Pod features a durable, space-efficient design with integrated wheels for easy maneuverability. Inside, ergonomic furnishings and smart technology ensure comfortable and efficient work for extended periods.

At present, our products and services are exclusively available in Melbourne, Australia.





Designed for Modern Challenges

Our workspace solution addresses the complexities of open-plan environments, offering a meticulously crafted design and essential amenities tailored to personal needs.


「 Why Choose Us?

We recognise the importance of personal space and focus. With our dedicated team investing countless hours refining every aspect of our pods, we ensure a seamless experience for our users. By handling the heavy lifting, our users can wholly engage in their work without disruptions. Our pledge is to deliver a personalised workspace solution that not only offers good value but is also affordable, saving you valuable time and empowering you to achieve your goals effectively.

Addressing Your Challenges

Whether you face challenges such as having meetings in peace, managing distractions, or developing a robust COVIDSafe Plan, let us help address them with our affordable and personal workspace solution.

Balancing soundproofing, ventilation, and cost is pivotal. Our implementation of double-layer tempered glass with vacuum spacing and soundproofing materials has effectively reduced noise by up to 80% while maintaining cost-effectiveness and ensuring proper ventilation. 

Say goodbye to headphones discomfort. In our pod, you can communicate and listen naturally, vital for hearing health.

Transforming Spaces, Empowering You

At the core of our mission is the commitment to transform spaces into personal sanctuaries that foster productivity and creativity. 








Discover what our customers have to say...

The Pod has truly transformed my work environment, boosting my productivity and overall well-being. It provides a dedicated space where I can focus, free from distractions, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Alan Ismail

Purchased 1Smart-Pod | Source: Google Review

Stumbled across this co-working space while on a desperate last minute search for office space and thrilled with my experience. Booked a pod that came with everything I needed -- just had to plug my laptop in and go. Sound proof so super quiet for my meetings, fast internet, and very friendly & accommodating owner. 

Bathroom facilities, tea & coffee etc so very suitable for a full day of work. The chair was comfy and I loved that there was a motorised desk as an option.

Kat Elizabeth

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Google Review 

I was on vacation but had to attend an urgent business virtual meeting, i am glad to have found 1SMART.SPACE where you can rent a private pod which is equipped with 23" monitor, keyboard, mouse, video camera, speakers, microphone and power plug for my laptop. It was as easy as plug and play. I've attended a whole day meeting, it was comfortable and private without any disturbance or noise. Highly recommended for any person who need a private place to concentrate and do work or attend virtual meeting. 

Lim M.

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Liquidspace

This is a great place to work, excellent set-up with Monitor, camera and microphone - just plug in your laptop and you have dual screens ready to go with an external mouse and keyboard. They really have thought of everything for those running meetings online or just wanting a quiet spot to work. The pod is quite cute and lovely and quiet. Support to get up and running was excellent. Highly recommend.

Tamika H.

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Liquidspace