Elevate Your Work Experience with Our 

Workspace Solution

Engineered for modern work, our innovative workspace revolutionises the traditional work environment, whether at home or in the office.

With a focus on style, comfort, and smart technologies, you'll enjoy a productive workplace.

Our workspace is adequately soundproofed, lockable, and well-ventilated, ensuring a quiet and distraction-free environment for success.


The 1Smart-Pod can be used as a full-time workspace, dedicated to individuals or converted into a hot-desk space for webinars, training, voice and video conferencing.

Now with 43" Screen Option

Access to private workspace starts from A$11/hour to $550/month and meeting space for up to 4 persons is A$22/hour.

Own a 1Smart-Pod for as low as A$6,950.  Perfect for home use or as a hot desk for an open plan office. 

* Quoted prices above are inclusive of GST.

While we plan to roll out our services nationwide, at this point we are only offering our products and services in Melbourne, Australia.  

Our workspace solution is designed to solve the challenges of open-plan spaces. 

Our team has dedicated countless hours to re-engineering the pod's design and integrating essential technologies and ergonomic furniture, resulting in a seamless and hassle-free experience for you. 

We've taken care of the hard work, so you don't have to, allowing you to focus on your work and saving you valuable time.

Whether your challenges are ...

Hard to have meetings in peace?

✅ Difficult to get work done when privacy matters?

Need to manage distractions to boost employee productivity?

✅ Want to avoid costly permanent fitouts?

Look to develop a robust COVIDSafe Plan?

Let us help address them with our affordable workspace solution.  

Balancing soundproofing, ventilation, and cost is pivotal. Our implementation of double-layer tempered glass with vacuum spacing and soundproofing materials has effectively reduced noise by up to 80% (varied according to sound frequency and intensity), all while maintaining cost-effectiveness and ensuring proper ventilation.

Our pod is engineered to function as a workspace tailored for the era of digital connectivity, enhancing your concentration and privacy with practical functionality.

Say goodbye to headphones discomfort. In our pod, you can communicate and listen naturally, vital for hearing health.

Our solution is flexible and can be customised to meet a wide variety of settings. As an example, for home use, the pod comes ready with all the essentials; just plug one USB-C cable into your laptop for power and to connect to all the peripherals.  For business users, we have a tailored solution to ease device management. Utilising [ Raspberry Pi ] coupled with [ V2 Cloud ]  technology, we could deliver a “laptop-less” pod that takes advantage of cloud Windows® desktop to make business applications accessible easily and securely. 

We welcome you to engage us to discuss your unique needs and endeavour to suit your requirements

Discover what our customers have to say...


Stumbled across this co-working space while on a desperate last minute search for office space and thrilled with my experience. Booked a pod that came with everything I needed -- just had to plug my laptop in and go. Sound proof so super quiet for my meetings, fast internet, and very friendly & accommodating owner. 

Bathroom facilities, tea & coffee etc so very suitable for a full day of work. The chair was comfy and I loved that there was a motorised desk as an option.

Kat Elizabeth

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Google Review 

The Pod has truly transformed my work environment, boosting my productivity and overall well-being. It provides a dedicated space where I can focus, free from distractions, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Alan Ismail

Purchased 1Smart-Pod | Source: Google Review

I was on vacation but had to attend an urgent business virtual meeting, i am glad to have found 1SMART.SPACE where you can rent a private pod which is equipped with 23" monitor, keyboard, mouse, video camera, speakers, microphone and power plug for my laptop. It was as easy as plug and play. I've attended a whole day meeting, it was comfortable and private without any disturbance or noise. Highly recommended for any person who need a private place to concentrate and do work or attend virtual meeting. 

Lim M.

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Liquidspace

This is a great place to work, excellent set-up with Monitor, camera and microphone - just plug in your laptop and you have dual screens ready to go with an external mouse and keyboard. They really have thought of everything for those running meetings online or just wanting a quiet spot to work. The pod is quite cute and lovely and quiet. Support to get up and running was excellent. Highly recommend.

Tamika H.

Rented Private Lockable Space for 1 | Source: Liquidspace