Our futuristic workspace in a pod helps you stay focused. It is adequately soundproofed, well ventilated, lockable and comes fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to be productive.

Just connect your laptop to our USB-C hub for power and access to all of our peripherals (i.e. 24" monitor, keyboard and mouse, webcam, and speaker).

No words or pictures can adequately capture the experience of working in our pods. Take a tour or just rent it to experience it for yourself.

Customer's Feedback / Testimonial

"In a bit of a bind: meeting a prospect in the Docklands and my usual location seemed to be closed permanently, after some searching found 1smart.space, location wise just next door to Sthn cross station at 757 Bourke Street, so far so good. I visited prior and the arrangements are what I would call mini office pods, interesting so I tried one out. Very private, a little cosy but very effective. End result was my prospect & I utilised the 'meeting mini office' very comfortable for the two of us, technology enabled I could screen share easily. Both the prospect and I felt that it was perhaps better than the normal meet in a cafe or use a workplace environment, soundproof, technology and comfortable; it worked well. I should also mention that it is very affordable!"

-Brian D. (P5: Meeting Space Space for 2 - 4)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I loved it! “This is a great place to work, excellent set-up with Monitor, camera and microphone - just plug in your laptop and you have dual screens ready to go with an external mouse and keyboard. They really have thought of everything for those running meetings online or just wanting a quiet spot to work. The pod is quite cute and lovely and quiet. Support to get up and running was excellent. Highly recommend.”

-Tamika H. (P2: Private Lockable Space for 1)

"Thank you for the great service and help. Kah always makes sure that everything is working well and is quick to solve any problems that may come up. The room is very good for virtual private consults and conferencing. "

-Perri Y. (P2: Private Lockable Space for 1)

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P1: Private Lockable Space for 1 person


P2: Private Lockable Space for 1 person

(Hourly - Daily)

P3: Private Lockable Space for 1 person

(Hourly - Daily) ^Not Available

P4: Private Lockable Space for 1 person


P5: Meeting Space for 2 - 4 people

(Hourly - Daily)

In our pod, you can comfortably engage in voice and video conferencing without wearing a headphone. The thick 22mm glass with vacuum spacing and other sound-proofing materials have enabled noise reduction of ~80%, to protect your focus and privacy.

Avoid the discomfort of wearing a headphone. Talk and listen naturally, vital for hearing health.

For a guided tour and experience it at our Melbourne, Docklands Office, 207B/757 Bourke Street.