Discover the perfect solution to enhance your productivity and create a tailored workspace that suits your needs with the 1Smart-Pod series. From the Essential Start to the Productive Pro and the Optimised Pro+, our range of smart workspace solutions is designed to provide you with the ideal environment for work and focus.

At present, our products and services are exclusively available in Melbourne, Australia.

The quoted prices below include GST, delivery, and full on-site assembly within the Melbourne Metro area.

Essential Start 


Introducing the 1Smart-Pod: Essential Start – your foundation for a distraction-free workspace. This model provides an adequately soundproofed and well-ventilated environment, allowing you to customise your space according to your needs. While lacking smart technologies and full furnishings, it offers essential elements such as:

Create the ideal workspace tailored to your preferences with the Essential Start.

Productive Pro  Best Seller


Step into a versatile workspace solution with the 1Smart-Pod: Productive Pro. Whether you need a full-time workshop setup or a flexible hot-desk environment for various activities like webinars, training sessions, voice, and video conferences, this comprehensive package has you covered. The Productive Pro includes:

Elevate your work experience, boost productivity, and improve communication capabilities with the Productive Pro.

Optimised Pro+


For professionals seeking the ultimate workspace experience, we introduce the 1Smart-Pod: Optimied Pro+. Tailored for design, accounting, trading, and other high-performance tasks, this model builds upon the features of the Productive Pro, offering an enhanced experience that now features:

Elevate your workspace to new heights with the Optimised Pro+, enjoying a larger screen for increased efficiency in your professional endeavors.

Select the model that best fits your needs and explore the advantages of our optional 1SmartCare yearly subscription, priced at just $330 per year, for an uninterrupted and stress-free workspace experience. Redefine your workspace today!

Say goodbye to headphones discomfort. In our pod, you can communicate and listen naturally, vital for hearing health.